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Fine Print Editorial offers editorial, content and communications services focused on quality and personalized service.

Link to award-winning articles by Carla Foote: 1st place blog entry for 2020 and 4th place freelance article for 2019 as part of the Evangelical Press Association. Recent projects and references are highlighted on the projects page. For examples of the capabilities of Fine Print Editorial, visit the capabilities page. ATL cover

Fine Print Editorial also offers regular blog posts with practical editorial information. Subscribe to the blog posts and expand your knowledge of editorial and communications principles.

Why contract for editorial services?

Many small organizations lack the staff resources for strategic content development and high quality editorial review. Editorial contracting is a very cost-effective way to achieve high quality results. A cohesive content strategy can effectively extend the reach of any organization. Considering the cost of unclear communication and editorial errors, a small investment in quality communications can bring great results to a small organization. In addition, corporate streamlining has resulted in thin staff resources in large organizations. Therefore, contracting for editorial services is an effective way to supplement the communications staff in a large organization.

Fine Print Editorial, led by Carla Foote, draws on years of experience in a wide variety of projects. For information, contact carlacfoote (at) gmail (dot) com.

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