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mil coverDisciple! magazine is a quarterly publication of The Navigators. As the editor of the magazine, I craft stories that inspire, educate and move to action. Often the challenge is taking life-change stories and deciding how to share the information in a compelling way that allows space for graphic design to be integrated into the story. I was involved in the redesign of the magazine in 2016 with a tight timeframe to accomplish strategic purposes. In addition to the magazine, I edit a monthly 4-page newsletter for The Navigators. Here is a story that I wrote for the September 2018 issue – Motivated by God’s Love


waterday_croppedInfographics projects involve the presentation of data in a clear, concise format. Sometimes the data is provided by the client but often I research and compile background information as well as writing the content for the infographic. The challenge is accuracy, clarity and brevity. The infographic for World Water Day illustrated the complexity of clean water (the image shown is cropped from the final).


My work on book projects spans the range of developmental editing, copyediting, co-authoring and collaborative writing.

thrive-book-coverHelp Your Missionaries Thrive and Searching to Serve were both co-authored projects based on statistical survey research, with the addition of narrative stories to make the topic accessible for the reader. For the Thrive project, I conduced numerous interviews to include personal stories; for Searching to Serve, the stories were collected via email. Both books are designed for leaders in mission agencies to implement best practices in their organizations. 

we-died-before-we-came-coverA developmental editing project involved working on a dramatic missions memoir which was published using a pseudonym for security reasons. The author had worked with two previous editors and had lost her confidence in her ability to tell her story. I worked with her to regain the narrative flow of her story and also to free her up to share important aspects of her story in a structure that was compelling for the reader. This memoir was inspiring and challenging to work on and I am grateful I could be part of telling the story: We Died Before We Came Here (NavPress).

In addition to the above sample projects, I manage an author’s website and blog, and provide additional editorial support for a variety of clients.


This is what others say about the editing, writing and communications skills that Carla Foote brings to Fine Print Editorial:

Carla excels in the editorial process. She exhibits attention to detail and efficiency while she pulls all the pieces of a story together to make it sing. She has a heart and understanding for ministry and is motivated to make a difference through the power of words. Stephanie Rich, Director of Marketing and Content Development, The Navigators

Carla came to my rescue on a very large, challenging project which required flexibility and reliability, along with a whole lot of tenacity! Her ability to meet deadlines and keep commitments was always unquestionable. She has the experience and foresight to independently anticipate and prepare for obstacles that lie ahead. In addition to a strong sense of professionalism and a deep comfort with written language and detailed editing, Carla offered the valuable ability to tap into her professional network and resources. I am extremely grateful that she joined me in this endeavor. Piper French, Premier Point, consulting business owner, coach & consultant

I  have worked with Carla on dozens of projects ranging from a devotional of a few hundred words to my first book manuscript. On every project I felt her commitment to maintain my unique voice while helping clarify my message. My writing is better because of her editorial expertise. I can send my words into the world with increased confidence knowing she has sifted through them first.  Alexandra Kuykendall – Author, The Artist’s Daughter and Loving My Actual Life

We enjoy working with Carla as she helps bring our research and data to life. She has the ability to understand very complex issues while at the same time caring about making them understandable to broader audiences. This is a unique skill and we are pleased that Carla can help us communicate in this way.  Jon Hirst – President and CEO, GMI

Carla is an editor extraordinaire! Accurate and thorough while also intriguing and insightful, Carla brings head and heart to every project.  Elisa Morgan, Speaker, Author

Since 2007, I’ve had the pleasure of working as the MomSense magazine editor under Carla Foote at MOPS International. As the Executive Editor, Carla is responsive, insightful, and collaborative, and she works hard to produce quality publications on a limited budget. She efficiently manages the production timeline, as well as the editorial and creative staff. Carla is always willing to offer her assistance to get the job done. She’s a talented editor and project manager. And her character is above question. She’s reliable, conscientious and honest. I’m happy to recommend Carla and her work as a communications professional.  Mary Darr, MomSense Editor

As a managing editor, I love working with Carla Foote. Her writing is deep and thought-provoking and she’s always on the mark. We rarely have to edit anything she submits and she’s always on time. She’s an editor’s dream!  Mary Byers, Managing Editor, FullFill

I’ve worked with Carla on writing projects for many years and appreciate how she brings a combination of sensitivity, honesty and creativity to her writing and editing. In a single piece, she reflects both depth and levity. Carla approaches her work with integrity and professionalism. She is timely, caring … and I just plain like working with her!  Carol Kuykendall, author and speaker

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