Love Your Audience

Do you love your audience?

When you read that statement, does it seem too strong? That “love” isn’t a term that you use so freely?

How about value and respect? Do you value and respect your audience?

Creating high quality content takes time, energy and focus. And the more you value and respect your audience, perhaps even love them, the better your content will be. Because you will care about the content you create.

As writers and editors, sometimes our eyes slip off our audience. If you don’t like your audience it is easy to move into a subtle “us/them” mentality and your communications suffer. A thin veneer of dislike separates you from your audience. You may move into a patronizing tone because you know better than “them.” The result is disengagement. Your audience can sense when you make this subtle shift, and you are no longer communicating because your audience will stop listening.

You can still challenge your audience to stretch and grow through your content, while respecting where they are right now. You value them enough to want to challenge them to be a better version of themselves. But your challenge has to start with respect.

Your best communications work will occur when you care, like, value, respect and yes, even love your audience. Honestly evaluate where you are with your audience as you step into 2014. They are worth your best effort – and your highest regard.

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