Communication Across Platforms

I received a great mailing from a nonprofit that I support. I was motivated to action, so I went on their website to find out more information. At first glance, there was nothing on their website that related to the mailing.  I continued looking further and was frustrated. Then I looked back at the mailing and saw a quick link for the website. I went to the quick link and found a PDF of the mailing and nothing more. I left their website disappointed. I can’t say exactly what I was looking for on their website, but the mailing inspired me to find out more information. What I expected on the quick link landing page was perhaps a short video showing more about the program. Or even short stories that fleshed out the programs that were described in the mailing.

This organization missed an opportunity to use a variety of communication platforms to inform and inspire me. I was motivated by the print piece. But on a web landing page, I could have been further engaged in story, pictures and video. Also, the home page for the organization should have had some nod to the topic of mailing, given that it was December and people are often looking for giving opportunities at that time of year.

Communication is a multidimensional experience. This can make it exhausting to be in the communications business, because we have to think of all platforms when designing a communications strategy. And we have to tell our story in print, video, email, web and social media platforms.

Rather than being satisfied with great content in a print piece for direct mail, this organization could have takes the next step and considered how else their audience might want to experience their information. A truly engaged recipient is looking for additional stories on the same topic. They could have asked the question, “If this direct mail piece is successful, what would be a good web and/or social media follow-up?” Posting a copy of what I had already seen in the mail was a waste of a web link.

In your own organization, what are all the ways that you communicate with your audience? How can you better integrate and utilize all available channels for your message? Don’t leave an engaged customer searching! Give them what they are looking for and more.

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