Editorial Strategy: Flexibility vs. Planning

Editorial decision-makers are continually faced with the issue of how strictly to stick to an editorial plan and how often to veer from the plan to incorporate relevant content that connects with events in the world. With print publications, editorial planning ensures that the organization holds its voice in a consistent way. However, with social media and the need to be connecting daily with constituents via Facebook and Twitter, an artful combination of flexibility and planning is essential.

The planned aspect of content is a way to cover a variety of topics that all relate to the core brand, without neglecting some important aspect of the organization. The flexible side of content management means that there needs to be space within the plan to respond to occurrences in the greater community that impact constituents. An organization that doesn’t have any flexibility in content can be seen as irrelevant. At the same time, an organization without any content planning discipline can experience voice creep and lack of clarity on key messages.

For instance, when a news event occurs that impacts an audience segment, people expect an organization to comment on the event. If everyone is “talking” about an event in social media, and it relates to your constituency, but you aren’t talking about it, then you are not being relevant to the conversation. At the some time, some regular portion of organizational content online should not just follow news but to create news and content that people will start talking about. Planned editorial content spread across time is the way that your organization can shape and drive the conversation, putting forth content consistent with the values and goals of the organization.

The art of editorial content management is in the careful balance of flexibility and planning. One without the other is either irrelevant or undisciplined. Wise editors balance flexibility and planning, and are continually evaluating past messages for what they contribute to the overall organizational content strategy.

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