Loyal Readers

A magazine provides a relationship between readers and content providers. This reader relationship is essential for a magazine to remain viable. Readers choose to subscribe to a magazine because it is meeting some need in their life, and once they choose to become readers, they have an expectation of what they will receive from the magazine. The same is true of digital content – websites, e-newsletters and e-zines.

Building the reader relationship and meeting expectations is one reason that magazines have a structure – so that loyal readers know which section to go to for short, interesting grazing material or their favorite columnist. While they expect fresh material in each issue, the delivery of content is in a package that feels familiar, like a trusted friend. The challenge for magazine editors and designers is to respect their relationship with loyal readers enough to continually strive to exceed their expectations – and to balance continuous improvement and creativity with the sense of familiarity and relationship that readers receive from consistency.

Here are a few ways to continue to freshen content within a consistent structure:

  • Include special thematic sections to provide fresh perspective and still leave room for columns and regular departments.
  • Stimulate reader engagement through advisory teams or surveys which can provide a fresh stream of ideas relevant to the audience.
  • Allow for surprises for readers. Every now and then make room for a new type of content, such as a song or artistic visual that fits into the editorial grid but provides a new genre for the reader to experience.
  • Revisit your structure and editorial grid every few years to make sure they still meet the needs of your readers.

Loyal readers who look forward to receiving their magazine or e-zine content will share their enthusiasm with their peers, who can also become loyal readers if the magazine continues to meet and exceed expectations.

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