Filling Unexpected Space

In the editorial planning process, all the space in a magazine or e-newsletter is usually allocated to content, advertisements or in-house promotions. However, sometimes during the process, allocations may change. Perhaps an article that was planned for the issue is rejected during the initial review cycle. The article either wasn’t up to the quality level expected, or when all the content was reviewed together, it was repetitive or didn’t fit with the theme. Now, all of a sudden, there is an extra space in an issue and little time to fill the space.

Here are several options for unexpected space:

  • Keep a file of backup articles that are ready to go.
  • Have go-to writers who can quickly provide content.
  • Create a “resting space” with a quotation and an image.
  • Have a stock of in-house promotions already prepared.
  • Spread out design for an existing article.

Having a contingency plan for how to use extra space in a magazine or e-newsletter can result in higher quality outcomes, since alternatives are thought through in advance, rather than in a last-minute scramble.

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